UtilAbility Features

With an extensive set of features, UtilAbility can easily manage billing for metered services such as water, sewer, electricity, cable television, trash, and gas. UtilAbility is flexible enough to handle nearly any type of rate structure and easily provides flexible billing cycle options. We are very proud of what our utility billing software can do, and are constantly adding additional value to UtilAbility with new features. Please browse through the following feature list to see how UtilAbility can benefit your organization.

The multiple companies feature allows you to handle any number of billing companies or entities and create company specific reports.

  • Combine all company information onto one report
  • Post meter readings and calculate billing for one company or for all companies

With our intuitive report selection interface, view the description of a selected report and preview before generating reports.

  • Generate multiple reports on the same screen
  • Easily compare data on different reports

Our customer information feature makes setting up new customers simple with our New Customer Wizard.

  • Keep track of all primary and alternate contact information
  • Stores bank account numbers and financial account types
  • Each customer can have multiple accounts

Setup an unlimited number of rates and rate types with UtilAbility's manage rates feature.

Track your payments by dates, amounts, and/or services with our manage payments feature.

  • Post payments in batches
  • Change rate amounts and service codes

Our advanced sorting, searching, and history management allows you to easily examine subsets of your utility billing data.

  • See the big picture while accessing detail information
  • Keep full histories for all utility billing transactions

Flexible meter reading and managing interface allows each account to have multiple meters and tracking capabilities.

  • Automatically calculates meter roll over usage
  • Individual or all meter readings can be estimated when needed

Our friendly and intuitive user interface eases execution and will speed up your periodic utility billing and receipting needs.

  • Uses Microsoft SQL Server as the database engine
  • Password protection
  • Multi-user capabilities

Our billing options let you configure billing cycles and provide you with a checklist of functions to ensure correct processing of utility bills.

  • Create bills when no meter readings are available
  • Print bills with different names and addresses per account
  • Send bills electronically using Bill Flash
  • Use Bill Flash to print and mail your bills
  • Learn more about Bill Flash here