Utility Billing Software Designed With You in Mind

UtilAbility is a Windows based utility billing software package that was developed with you in mind. Now it’s easy to create timely and accurate bills for water, sewer, electric, gas, trash pickup, user fees, and even cable television. With UtilAbility’s user friendly interface you will feel comfortable right from the start. Our utility billing software adapts to your utility billing requirements and policies so you are free to bill the way you want.

Designed with direct input from our customers, UtilAbility is the utility billing software you’ve been waiting for! Whether you create bills for a few or thousands, for commercial or government use, UtilAbility will handle the job.

UtilAbility can be easily customized to handle all of your utility billing needs. Listed below is an overview of some of our utility billing software’s more popular features:

  • Define your own services and rates
  • Automatically exempt prorating, late charges and/or shutoffs on selected services
  • Prorate bills based on days of occupancy, late charges, and master meters
  • Create separate billings for each of your communities
  • Set up multiple late charge types
  • Print history reports and replacement bills anytime
  • Create monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual bills