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Keep UtilAbility Up To Date With Our Easy Update Process Bookmark

Please remember to keep your UtilAbility software up to date by checking for updates frequently. When you check for updates, UtilAbility will compare your UtilAbility related software to the latest available on our web site and update any files necessary to stay current. This includes your database, application, reports and other files related to or used by UtilAbility. It’s important to keep UtilAbility up to date to ensure you have the latest enhancements and features. Checking for Updates is easy and you can do it as often as you wish.

You simply click the Check for Updates menu item located under the Help Menu and follow the instructions to check for and complete your update. You can check for updates from any computer running UtilAbility, even if you are on a network. If you use UtilAbility on more than one computer, please make sure no one else is running UtilAbility while you perform the update. This ensures no files are locked by another user, which may prevent them from being updated. If your database has already been updated, other computers on your network may let you know that they need to be updated as well, upon logging into UtilAbility.

However, to be absolutely sure they are up to date, it is always best to check for updates on all computers that have UtilAbility installed on them. If any computer is already up to date, the check for updates utility will let you know. There is no harm in checking, even when you already have the latest updates. If you have any questions about checking for updates or about your UtilAbility installation, please contact the Cogitate support staff for more information.

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